CPF-SK currently supports several communities across Saskatchewan, along with the assistance of wonderful volunteers in these centres.

Every region can and should have the chance to reap the benefits of a quality FSL education.

If you are a motivated individual who’s passionate about FSL, and your region is not currently served by a municipal, district, or county chapter of CPF, you may want to consider getting involved. Each of our many chapters began thanks to the devoted parents, teachers, grandparents, students, and other volunteers who took the initiative to bring CPF to their community. All of our chapters are entirely grassroots in nature: not-for-profit, volunteer-run institutions that work with the local schools, school board(s), city councils, CPF-SK, and even provincial, territorial, and federal politicians—all in the name of FSL education.

Some of the aforementioned locations are in need of new chapter leadership, including the Battlefords, Estevan, La Ronge, Melville, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Wawota, and Yorkton.

CPF needs volunteers just like you, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!