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CPF-SK’s youth activities are truly the heart of our programming. They are designed exclusively for French-second-language learning in order for students to increase their participation levels in activities, which will allow them to use their French outside the classroom. Participation in such extra-curricular activities plays an important role in:

  • Increasing the retention level of language skills
  • Increasing the variety of vocabulary
  • Reducing attrition levels in FSL programs
  • Providing students with a better understanding of the opportunities available to them if they developed their French-language skills.

By increasing the number of extra-curricular activities for youth where French-language is used and French culture is highlighted, young people will have a better understanding of the value of linguistic duality in Canada and an increased appreciation of the French-language in understanding its cultural context in Saskatchewan and elsewhere in Canada.

  • Concours d'art oratoire

    Read about Concours d'art oratoire here!

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  • Fête du soleil - Summer Day Camp in French!

    Click here to read the Fête du soleil 2017 Wrap-Up. This popular one-week summer day camp program is offered by Canadian Parents for French - Saskatchewan in conjunction with local chapters. The camp is available to children from kindergarten to grade five. The week’s activities are led by bilingual monitors who are chosen for their experience and enthusiasm, as well as for their knowledge of the French language. This exciting program is offered in communities across the province. Each day consists of a theme, as well as several games, sports, crafts, music and more, all of which are carried out bilingually - primarily in French. Children will have the opportunity to experience French in a stimulating but relaxed setting outside the classroom, and will be encouraged to learn and use the language in interesting and constructive ways. Each local chapter, along with the support of the CPF-SK Branch Office, organizes their own Fête du soleil. This includes developing a schedule, setting fees, finding a location for the event as well as planning any field trips. The local chapter also looks after registration. Parents must provide transportation to and from the event, which usually operates full days, Monday to Friday. Children supply their own lunch and snacks. Fees are tax deductible as child care expenses. For more information on your local Fête du soleil, please contact your local CPF-SK chapter.                          

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  • Rendez-vous

    La course ultime - a challenge for students in grades 6 to 8!

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  • Mary Joyce Booth Memorial Scholarship

    Applications have now closed for 2016.

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  • Mini Rendez-vous

    Mini Rendez-vous is a one-day "mini" conference organized by chapters in various locations offering workshops and cultural activities in French for children in kindergarten to Grade 5. The day includes music, games, sports, crafts, and science activities.

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