This success stories section shows how French-second-language learning programs and opportunities enrich the lives of Saskatchewan youth throughout their daily lives, education, jobs and into their careers and community involvements as adults.

There is a lot of tomorrow in this province; your future is wide open… Add French, add opportunities! Look at how these Saskatchewanians became success stories and how you can become one too!

  • Core French in a Small Saskatchewan Town

    Melissa McLeod

    I began learning French at my small town school in Grade 4. As a student of core French, I would have never imagined that I could have benefited as much from learning French as I already have.

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  • French Opened Many Doors for Me

    Michael Arnot

    Michael Arnot was educated in French Immersion at l'École Notre Dame in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, a small town of 20,000 people. Although the decision to enroll him in French is a result of his parents' vision, he is very thankful that they made the choice.

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  • How French Immersion Has Helped Me

    Natasha Vetter

    It was Charlemagne who once said, "To have another language is to possess a second soul." I don't know if that is entirely true, but I know that to have a second language does improve life

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