CPF-SK is fortunate in having a positive message to take to the broad and diverse Saskatchewan community: enhanced French-second-language education opportunities for all children.

Advocacy and the distribution of information allows CPF-SK and its members to raise and resolve problems, clarify issues, seek allies and exert pressure. To reach the people who matter, to establish issue competency, to build a profile in communities and most importantly, to get results.

From the beginning, Canadian parents have been a corner stone force for the development of French-second-language education opportunities. To our members, advocacy simply means applying structure and focus to what comes naturally.

  • CPF Advocacy Toolkit for Parent Advocates

    The Toolkit will be an evolving resource - coming soon!

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  • Advocacy Documents

    Continually updated in order to provide you with the most current resources possible.

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  • Key Principles of Advocacy

    These 10 key guidelines form the foundation for successful advocacy, and are the building blocks of a successful national advocacy body.

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  • Stakeholder Reports

    Canadian Parents for French (CPF) held a national forum for French-second-langue (FSL) stakeholders on Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 in Ottawa. This forum provided an opportunity for national FSL stakeholders to review recommendations from a series of provincial and territorial FSL consultations.

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