CPF-SK believes the collection and dissemination of information and ideas is a wonderful way to support parents, students, and educators towards the promotion and understanding of linguistic duality in Saskatchewan, through the planning and delivery of high quality programs and extra-curricular activities. With this purpose in mind, this section will be in constant development for it to be a dependable resource to the Saskatchewan FSL community.

If you would like to share any resources and opportunities with other FSL students, schools, educators and friends please contact the CPF-SK office and we will gladly post your information for it to be shared with others.

Visit this section of our site regularly for updates and new information!

The links found on this website do not attempt to be a comprehensive listing of all resources, nor does listing imply CPF-SK endorsement. They are for your information only.

  • For Parents

    Resources to help you help your children.

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  • For Students

    Tools and activities for FSL students in Canada.

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  • For Educators

    Teachers and school administrators make up an important part of CPF.

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  • Canada a Great Place to Call Home

    A bilingual poster recognizing the 175th anniversary of Responsible Government in Canada.

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  • Francophone Cultural Resources

    A repository of French-Canadian cultural resources that can help strengthen the Francophile/FSL community in Canada.

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  • CPF Pamphlets

    Pamphlets published by CPF-SK and CPF National.

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  • Promotional Catalogue and Order Form

    Time... for you to have a look at our promotional catalogue!

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