Although CPF is a parent organization, teachers and school administrators make up an important part of CPF. Whether it is teachers and principals hosting CPF events in a school setting or parents and teachers coming together to promote and advocate for FSL issues, teachers are undeniably an important demographic in providing accessible quality FSL education for students across Canada.

CPF Resources

Paul et Suzanne Kits are a preschool reading resource available to Associate Member Organizations. Contact the CPF–SK office for more information.

Multi-Media Kits are collections of books, videos, and CDs designed for elementary schools, which are available to Associate Member Organizations for a loan period of six weeks during the school year. Contact the CPF–SK office for more information about how your school can have access to one of these kits.

CPF School Self-Assessment Tool is intended to help schools assess for themselves how their French-second-language (FSL) programs are faring. 20 indicators are outlined with brief explanations. School performance in each area will be assessed using a five-point scale. The indicators are based on research done on FSL programs in Canada over the last 30 years. You can obtain more information or order a copy here.

Bursary Programs

The Official Languages Teacher Summer Bursary ProgramThe Programs Branch of the Government of Saskatchewan co-ordinates the federal-provincial bursary program for teachers who are teaching in French, wishing to study French in Canada in a francophone or bilingual university.


Branchez-vous is an on-line newspaper that allows you to have a variety of information in French.

Les Éditions des plaines promotes the discovery of new authors and the works of western Canadian writers.


La Troupe du Jour in Saskatoon is a French theatre group that holds plays all year long. If you are interested in attending one of these plays, La Troupe du Jour allows access to the script before the play to make viewing a little easier.

Charlotte Diamond is an international performer whose first love is performing for children. She also delivers workshops and keynote presentations for educators of young children.

Teacher Associations

The Saskatchewan Association of Teachers of French (SATF) / l’Association des professeurs de français de la Saskatchewan (APFS) works to promote the teaching of French in Saskatchewan. They strive to create awareness of the presence of Francophone groups, languge and culture in the province, the country and around the globe.

The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) promotes the advancement of second-language teaching throughout Canada by creating opportunities for professional development, by encouraging research and by facilitating the sharing of information and the exchange of ideas among second-language educators.

Other Resources

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA) promotes speech and debate activities in English and French. SEDA is active throughout the province from Grades 6 through 12, as well as at the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. SEDA also coordinates an annual program of speech and debate tournaments and other special activities, including a model legislature.

French for the Future forums are held in many cities across Canada each year for high school students in French-second and French-first-language programs. Their goal is to encourage students to continue their studies in French while promoting ongoing dialogue between these students.

United Nations Association of Canada’s (UNA-Canada) Model UN Program is a national initiative in both official languages. Get your school year started with a Model UN Club in French in coordination with UNA-Canada.

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages is an agent of change and ombudsman. Its mission is to achieve the objectives of the Official Languages Act.

Kutoka develops and distributes “edutainment” software. They produce original titles that are educational, entertaining and of the highest quality. The “Mia” series, which is available in 42 countries and 14 languages, has been awarded more than 100 international awards so far and has been applauded internationally for its quality and originality.

The University of Calgary and the Réseau français at the University of Calgary are pleased to present an analytical index containing more than 2,000 French sites chosen for their valued information. It is aimed at the Francophone and Francophile public interested in teaching or learning the French language, literature, and the Francophone culture.

Baccalauréat en Education, University of Regina, offers a quality development for those who would like to teach in Francophone or French Immersion schools and core French.

Youth Heritage Fair Association Inc. (SYHF) was established in the spring of 2000. The organization is committed to the promotion of the Historica Fairs Program in Saskatchewan, which is a multi-media education initiative designed to increase awareness and interest in Canadian History. The program is aimed at students in Grades 4 to 9.