French for Parents is a program offered by CPF–SK chapters to enable parents of students learning French as a second language to experience some of what their child is learning. Parents learn basic vocabulary such as a child might learn in the early years of a French Immersion Program. They learn a little grammar and common phrases and become comfortable with the concept of learning a second language. The classes are interactive and offer the parent opportunities to practice their oral and written skills. French for Parents is offered in various locations around the province. Level 1 is designed for parents who have little or no French experience. Level 2 is designed for parents who have completed a Level 1 French program or for anyone who is interested in developing conversational French. Please contact the CPF-SK office if you are interested.

French for Parents Winter 2020 – Saskatoon: Unfortunately due to low enrolment for the session, we have had to cancel the classes. Sorry for any inconvenience.