The Canadian Parents for French network has published a couple of excellent articles to help debunk the myths that have been perpetuated lately about French immersion.


The most recent, from our National President acknowledges the fact that while there are is definitely some work that could be done to improve the French immersion program across the country, it has, and continues to benefit a large amount of the population. This includes people from different language backgrounds and socioeconomic standing.

The second is from the Executive Director of the British Colombia and Yukon Branch, Glyn Lewis – a French immersion graduate.

These articles are namely in response to the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente’s article on June 4 which calls into question the validity of the program calling it elitist and inequitable. There have been others that have come out as well, such as this article from Wente’s Globe and Mail colleague Marcus Gee and from Saskatchewan-based Pipeline News Editor Brian Zinchuk.

French immersion was created for one and all to take part.