With school out for the summer, it can sometimes be a challenge to get your children to practice their French. The summer months open up new opportunities for your children to practice their French with fun games, books, movies, and television shows. Here are a few ideas for keeping your children engaged with French over the summer.

  • Your local public library can be a place to find French books in both print and electronic format. Most library systems in the province have been brought together and you can now access and request materials from all over the province.
  • library2go (http://www.library2go.sk.ca/) is an online library of ebooks and audiobooks that is accessible through many of the province’s library systems.
  • The TD Summer Reading Club 2016 (Club de lecture d’été TD 2016) is a nationwide bilingual reading program that is being held across Canada and at many libraries in Saskatchewan. For more information, visit http://www.tdsummerreadingclub.ca/ or a participating library.
  • Another great way for children to be immersed in French is by having them watch their favorite DVDs and television shows in French. Most DVDs have the option to change the language of the film and to add subtitles.
  • Many streaming services offer language options and subtitles for their programs. French language shows are also available on http://www.tfo.org/, a French language media group from Ontario.
  • For those children who love apps. http://edululu.org/en offers reviews of educational apps for children aged 2 to 17 with apps being in English, French, and some are even bilingual.
  • You can organize a play date in French with other children who are learning French. Let their creativity run wild in French with their favorite toys, and games. Board games are also a great option for children to practice their French with many being bilingual with instructions and the game board being in English and French.