December 22, 2016 – Lezlie Goudie-Cloutier was awarded CPF-SK’s Inspiring Teacher of the Year Award. This Award celebrates Lezlie’s dedication in a 32 year career in education following her retirement in June 2016.

Lezlie’s earliest experiences living in French-speaking countries, such as Cameroon and Nigeria, fueled her beliefs that French is not only an important global language, but all students can and should learn French as well to succeed and feel successful. She held firm to these beliefs through her career as a teacher in Estevan, Regina and Saskatoon and as an educational consultant with the Saskatoon Public Schools. She infused the Francophone world meaningfully and skillfully into her classroom.

She was not only an inspiration to her students but also to her fellow teachers, especially those new to the profession. She had a profound impact on her former students; many of whom have gone on to become French immersion teachers. A former grade three student, and now a teacher who was mentored by Lezlie, recently state
d, “Mme Goudie-Cloutier made learning so much fun. There was definitely a focus on learning French in engaging ways. She inspired me to become a French immersion teacher. I felt very supported (and continually supported) in my first few years of teaching.”

Lezlie is described as a lifelong French-language-learning promoter and advocate who has inspired and supported numerous students and teachers.

Although Lezlie retired at the end of June, her legacy will live on through the students and teachers who she has worked alongside.

Thanks to Lezlie Goudie-Cloutier’s nomination team for the permission to use their remarks.