Regina’s Serge Dubé moved to Saskatchewan from Quebec to attend university and learn English in 1981, and has been teaching French in the province for over 25 years. He has a rich history teaching French-language pupils from kindergarten to adult learners, and does so with a great deal of enthusiasm and a constant commitment to lifelong learning. He is currently a grade one teacher at École Massey School in Regina, an instructor at the University of Regina.

He is the recipient of the Inspiring Teacher Award for 2014-2015, in a large urban centre. Fellow winners’ profiles can be read here and here.

“I started with the University of Regina during my last year of the Baccalaureat en Education Program, he said. “I was teaching French clinics for Core French teachers with the Language Institute

[Institut Français].”

Serge Dubé

Serge Dubé

Dubé was nominated by Melanie Peters past president of the Canadian Parents for French – Regina Chapter.  For the last six years, Dubé has also been the instructor for the chapter’s French for Parents classes.  In her nomination form, she said that he has been a friend to the chapter a number of years, has a love for teaching, and is a source of positive leadership and inspiration for his students and community as a whole.

“He exudes a genuine interest in helping children develop a love of the language,” she noted. “Although he has taught for a number of years, he is always willing to try something new with each of his classes. He is a continuous learner and shares that energy with everyone around him.”

Peters went onto say that in the French for Parents classes, Dubé has provided adults learning the language with a hospitable and encouraging environment.

“He has always supported our efforts to help adults – and especially parents – connect with their children in the common experience of learning a second language.”

Dubé said he was surprised and honoured to be recognized by his fellow community members. He learned English upon moving to Saskatchewan in the early 1980s, and has always loved languages.

“Teaching the language I had learned to love and know well was an opportunity I could not miss,” he said. “Furthermore, I knew how difficult it can be to learn a second language, so I like to think that my experience has been an inspiration I could always count on to help me teach French. If you like what you do, it is simple. Thank you again with all my heart for this great honour.”